How to Become Financially Independent

How to Become Financially Independent Alpha Male Style  As an aspiring Alpha Male time is very important to me. For me time is more valuable than money, gold and any other item of value. Time is important because it buys freedom and then with that freedom I am free to do whatever I want to […]

Planning for Success – 10 Rules for Achieving Your Goals + Bonus

Planning for Success  It’s normal to fail a few times when you want to achieve something meaningful but when you fail all the time then there’s probably an underlying reason. When people set out to achieve something they underestimate the effectiveness of adequately planning for success. Most people just have a vague idea of what […]

Mental Toughness – 10 Alpha Male Rules for Unbreakability

Mental Toughness

Mental toughness is required if you YEARN to get ahead in life. All Alpha Males strive to develop the mental strength OF A LION to deal with any adversity life WILL throw at them. While some may argue that exceptional men are born with mental toughness I vehemently believe it is a skill that we can all develop. Even a Beta-Pussy scared […]

Attracting Money – 10 Rules for Alpha Male Money

Attracting Money

Every average Joe wants to be rich but that doesn’t mean his wish will come true. The reason why some men get ahead compared to others is because they’ve mastered the art of attracting money. Every mindset has a paradigm. Think of this paradigm as a pair of glasses you wear to see the outside […]

Smart Thinking – 10 Rules Alpha Males Use to Think

Smart Thinking

There are men who work hard all their lives YET have nothing to show for it. Unfortunately working hard is no longer enough to get ahead. To get ahead and rise to the top you need to think at higher levels. Most men who practice smart thinking can get ahead quicker with less effort compared to […]

How to Get What You Want in Life

How to Get What You Want in Life

Expect & You Shall Receive A real man knows what he wants in life; he also knows how to get it. All Alpha Males are achievers; they work tirelessly to achieve their goals. Where beta males fail at the first hurdle Alpha Male’s keep going even when the going gets tough. Alpha males are true […]