Attracting Money – 10 Rules for Alpha Males to Attract Prosperity


Every average Joe wants to be rich but that doesn’t mean his wish will come true. The reason why some men get ahead compared to others is because they’ve mastered the art of attracting money. Every mindset has a paradigm. Think of this paradigm as a pair of glasses you wear to see the outside world. When the glasses are tinted you’ll have a dim/NEGATIVE view of the world. When the glasses are transparent you’ll have a clear/POSITIVE vision of the world. Having the correct paradigm will change the way you think about money.

Attracting Money

Attracting Money

There are two kinds of paradigm when it comes to money. You can have a Rich Mentality or you can have a Poor Mentality. When you have a poor mentality no amount of money will make you happy. Conversely when you have a rich mentality you’ll be content and happy with what you have and you’ll be spurred on towards attracting more money. Men who wish they had money but do nothing to change their paradigms will never get rich. Consciously these men are wishing for money but sub consciously they are self sabotaging themselves repelling away their share of prosperity.

Personally I grew up with a focking poor mentality. Whenever we saw someone rich we as a family thought they were crooks. My parents always warned us about being dishonest. The subconscious paradigm that was stuck in my mind was if I became rich I would be a crook and that would be dishonest. This sort of cuntish thinking held me back for years.

I finally rewired the way I thought and removed the shackles between my feet. I started attracting wealth and prosperity quickly. I ditched my poor mentality and switched it with a rich mentality and earned more in a year than I did in my previous lifetime. I developed habits which helped me make the switches. Any regular reader of this blog will know that I like living my life with rules that ensure progress. I have therefore condensed these habits into 10 rules which will change your paradigms about money. I am giving away these rules for free. Learn these rules. Practice these rules and slowly but surely rewire your damn mind so you can start attracting money.

10 Rules for Attracting Money

Rule 1: Realise There is Enough Wealth When Attracting Money

Central banks can now print money according to monetary policy. There is not a finite amount of money backed by gold, this is bullshit. The gold standard was ditched by Governments promising to pay their debts when they printed money. The more the population grows the more money there will be circulating around the world. Men who think there is a limited amount of money are thinking like a cunt. If I have more money that does not mean you will have less. Take action and open your focking mind. There is plenty of money to go round. Forget focusing your energy on other people’s wealth and work on accumulating your own money. Banish all the feelings of jealously and replace these thoughts with inspiration and creativity. When the mind focuses on the unlimited opportunities available you start attracting money.

Rule 2: Don’t Be Afraid of Money

It’s impossible to attract something you’re afraid of it. Your subconscious mind will be sabotaging the conscious minds effort if you’re afraid of something you want. It behoves me when someone says they are afraid of money. These men are afraid of change. These men think that everyone will come after them and take away their wealth and prosperity. These men are thinking like dipschits. Take action and tell your mind not be afraid of money. Repeat daily several times that you’re unafraid of money. Find the root cause of your fear. Address this fear conclusively. When the subconscious and conscious mind work together it becomes a formidable force when attracting money.

Rule 3: Money is Not the Root of All Evil

Good and Evil are within every man. Good men have more goodness than evil. Bad men have more evil than good. Money and power are just amplifiers. If you are a good person more money will make you a good person. If you are an evil bastard then more money and power will make you kunt. Money is not the root of all evil. Money just reveals who you really are. Men who go around preaching money is the root of all evil are actually evil themselves. These men are subconsciously sabotaging their own efforts and everyone else’s effort when attracting money.

If you’re one of these men take action today. Rewire your mind and tell yourself money can do GOOD when you’re a kind person with an open heart. Imagine what a philanthropic difference you could make if you had more wealth than you needed. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are proof that money is not the root of all evil.

Rule 4: Avoid Jealousy When Attracting Money

As people around us become successful we begin to despise their success. We begin to hate them because they have money. What dicks. Unwittingly we are telling our mind that we hate these people because they have too much money. As the mind does not want to hate itself the subconscious finds ways to sabotage the conscious effort when attracting money. Take action today. Don’t be jealous when people start to get ahead. Congratulate these people. Be inspired by these people and you’ll join the group sooner than later. You’ll be attracting more money than you ever thought possible.

Rule 5: Think Creatively when Attracting Money

Money is all about creation. Look around you. Everything that you touch, see and feel started in someone’s head as a thought. These people were able to extrapolate these thoughts and make them tangible. Who gives a shit if it works of not. They became aware of their thoughts and bought it to live. When we condition our mind to think creatively we are attracting wealth at the highest level. Creative thinking amplifies constructive positive thoughts and demeans negative thoughts. The mind is in a constant readiness to attract money. The mind becomes receptive to opportunities. When we think creatively we can see opportunities which we would have missed if we were thinking defensively. Take action today and always think of ways to make money. Don’t think about ways of taking other people’s money.

Rule 6: Giving Money to Attract Money

I haven’t figured this out yet but every time I’ve been generous and helped someone I’ve received much more in return somewhere else. My theory is that generosity opens the eyes and mind to better opportunities that are missed by miserable bastards. Don’t give all your money away expecting to become a millionaire overnight. Instead show acts of kindness with your time and money and you’ll find opportunities to make even more money and free up more time.

Rule 7: Avoid Paranoia when Attracting Money

When people accumulate more money than they can handle then become paranoid. They are afraid of losing the money and suspect everyone around them. They start treating people like shit becoming insular and obtuse. These men are shit scared of losing what they have because subconsciously they feel they are not worthy of the money. Take action now and tell your mind that you are worthy of prosperity. Tell your mind you deserve the money because you’ve worked hard. When you truly respect your own ability you can overcome paranoia and concentrate on attracting more money.

Rule 8: Do Not Feel Guilty When Attracting Money

I remember the guilt I felt when I made $100 per day online. My immediate thought was I was taking away someone else’s money. Later on my daily income began to fell because my subconscious found ways to slow me down. What a kunt I was. If I had embraced the money and congratulated myself I could have made $200 per day in a few weeks. Rewire your damn mind and learn to be unafraid of money. Money can make you a better person. There is enough damn money in the world because it’s no longer backed by gold but printed at the whim of government policy.

Rule 9: Be Patient When Attracting Money

Impatience men achieve nothing. These men end up steeling other people’s money. These impatient men think negative defensive thoughts allowing stress and anxiety to get the better of them. It is true that good things come to those who wait. When we are patient our progress is unimpeded because we don’t have to contend with stress, anxiety, fear and doubt. Give yourself plenty of time to achieve excellence but know the fine line between patience and laziness. Give yourself plenty of time to create art yet know the difference between stealing and creativity. When Alpha Males practice patience they master the art of attracting money.

Rule 10: Be Happy With What You Have to Attract Money

The subconscious mind will sabotage your effort to attract money if you’re not happy with what you have. Suppose you have Diarrhoea and you’re not happy about it. You won’t want more of the same disease. Make the change today. Men who are unhappy with money will never truly realise their potential capacity to attract money. Be completely happy with the money you already have but don’t give up that burning desire to attract money. When you’re happy with what you have you remove doubt, fear, anxiety and stress. When you have a burning desire you want more you begin to think creative positive thoughts which inspire and motivate us to do better.

10 Rules for Attracting Money

These rules have helped me to get ahead. These rules have given me freedom to choose. Give yourself the best chance of attracting money by practising these rules. Rewire your mind to induce positive creative thoughts and banish the shitty negative thoughts. Breaking old habits takes 30 days so recite these rules on a daily basis and thing about them vividly. Slap yourself in the face when you break these rules. Reward yourself profoundly when you think positively.

Seriously gentleman, there is plenty of money to go around in the world today. Don’t be afraid of money and don’t be duped into believing money is the root of all evil. Invest in your self-worth so you become worthy of more money and never let negative thoughts get the better of you. Round off all these changes by being patient and you’ll master the art of attracting money.

If you lack bloody discipline in life to attract money take the 30 Days of Discipline Challenge, this is an excellent eBook from my Mentor Victor Pride. This book will take you through 30 days of hell and after you’ve completed the challenge you’ll feel like a new man who is disciplined enough to achieve whatever he wants to achieve in life. If you’re lacking in confidence because you look and feel like shit I highly recommend you ready my Body of a Spartan Review. This book will give you all the tools you need to develop your body so your confidence goes through the roof. I was able to realize the body of my dream within 6 months. Both these books are cheap compared to their true value. Both these books come with a 60 day money back guarantee for all those beta males who are pretending to become Alpha Males.  

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  1. says

    Observing behaviour around me I came to the conclusion that most people, in fact, don’t really like to have money.

    It’s true!

    Has soon as they have some money the first things they will do is getting rid of it!

    They will find some useless crap to buy! Sport cars, gold chain, designer cloth, extra-large TV, eat at the restaurant or just shopping for …. Well shopping… it’s like the money is burning their hand or something … they have to spend it ASAP!!!

    More over to ensure the fact that they will never have much money in their pocket, because they hate that horrible feeling, they spend the money before they even earn it.

    Is it that genius!

    In fact most people hate money so much that getting rid of it very quickly is probably the one and only thing they have achieve to reach the level of mastery.

    Anyway, good article! Personally, I’m like you Adam, I love money!

    • says

      There is nothing wrong with cupidity :) I like to think having more money will inspire others around me so I can help other people. Thanks for the comment Mr Freeman

  2. Jacob says

    This is by far one of the best articles I’ve ever read! I will continuously practice these rules. They are solid and concrete. I used to think of rich people as jerks. Once you find out the truth all that disappears and your mind opens.

    When you open it you can start to be creative and accumulate your own wealth. This is something that I really needed to read and I believe its something the world needs to read too. Thank you for your wisdom!

    • says

      I also hated rich people. Once I started to network, read and act like rich people my life changed.

  3. Jacob says

    I would also like to add “creative thoughts amplify positive and constructive thoughts” could not be more true. Its good to see you’re also sharing your experiences.

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