Look Younger – 10 Rules Alpha Males Use to Look and Feel Youthful

10 Rules to Look Younger (For Men Only) - 2000 Words, 10 Rules to Feel and Look Younger

Whether your an Alpha, beta, or homo liberalist everyone has a real age and a body age. You could be 60 years old yet look like and feel like a teenager (My Eventual Goal). You could be a 20 year old while looking and feeling like an old age pensioner. If you want to look younger and feel youthful you need to take care of your body and take pride in your appearance. It’s a sorry sight to see men who let go of themselves. These fat bald ugly men with bad skin could look so much better if they just looked after themselves. There’s a difference between growing old gracefully and completely letting yourself slide until you look and feel like shit. When you feel and look younger you have so much more energy. Think what you could do with the energy if you channelled in the right direction. The reason why so many men fail is because they run out of steam.

Look Younger

Look Younger

You don’t have to go through any focking surgery to feel and look younger, that’s the easy way out and you’ll look like a joke. All you have to do is make some lifestyle adjustments and changes and over time you begin to feel and look younger. Over the years I’ve developed some habits which have helped me to look younger than I really am. At the time of writing this post I am 32 years old however I feel like a 16 year old and look like a 25 year old. I have taken these habits to create 10 rules which Alpha Males can use to feel and look younger. Start these rules today and practice them over 30 days to see what a difference it makes to your energy levels and looks. Once you look good and feel good you’ll be ready to take on the world every focking day!

10 Rules to Look Younger

Rule 1: Get Plenty of Quality Sleep

When men burn the candle at both ends they start looking like shit. What’s worse is some men burn the candle at both ends without any real benefits. They stay up late watching shitty movies or racing fast cars on their Xbox and wake up early to begin their shift at Starbucks. Sleeping at a decent hour and waking up early keeps your energy levels high as your body recovers and recharges from the previous day’s activities. Even if you didn’t do much physical activity your brain needs to recover and recharge. Go to sleep at a decent hour and wake the fock up early. Sleep in a room which is completely dark and invest in a bed which is comfortable. You want to get at least 5 to 6 hours deep sleep so you feel fully charged.

Rule 2: Stop Drinking Alcohol and Smoking

Even though this is a no brainer I wanted to add it. Alcohol and smoking has a profound effect on the body. Alcohol speeds up the aging process and smoking poisons the body from within. Life needs to be pretty shit if you resort to alcohol and smoking to feel good. Both these vices are highly addictive so giving it up requires a tremendous level of energy. This is energy you could have used elsewhere to get ahead in life. Aspiring Alpha Males do not need any fucking alcohol or fag to relax. Alpha males are always in a relaxed state ready to have a great time without help from smoking or alcohol. If you smoke like a chimney and drink to be popular then you’re life is probably in the shithole at the moment. Get rid of both these dirty habits and you’ll feel better and look younger. You’ll also save money and time which you could divert to more meaningful pursuits. You’re energy levels will go through the roof as the body stops working hard internally to remove the toxins. Gents give these two dirty habits up if you really want to get ahead in life. If you can’t give these fockers up you must be lacking discipline in your life. Check out my 30 Days of Discipline Review. This 30 day challenge will turn you into a new man and give you the discipline you need to focking see things through. 

Rule 3: Intense Cardio Vascular Exercises to Look Younger

As an aspiring alpha male you need to keep your body in peak physical condition. This means cardiovascular exercise and muscle building for the body. One training program I like to use us Insanity. I repeat this program over and over again and I feel like a fucking teenager all the time. I also engage in a muscle building program which helps me feel and look younger. Exercising has so many benefits. If done properly it will optimise all the internal organs so diseases have a tougher time attacking you. You also release endorphins which keep you in a positive frame of mind. Suppose two men want to get ahead in life and you’re working on a project to claw yourself out of a hell hole. A man who always looks after himself will have a much better chance of success than a fat slob who parks his arse in front of the television every day – you do the maths.   

Rule 4: Groom Yourself Regularly to Look Younger

The grooming regimen of a typical man is just splashing water over his face and brushing his teeth when it starts to smell. Most men don’t invest time in grooming because they feel like homos. What you need to understand is there is a difference between being a homo and taking pride in your focking appearance. Know the difference. Your male grooming regimen should include showering thoroughly, shaving closely, exfoliation of the skin, grooming of the hair, brushing your teeth properly and scraping the shit off the tongue. You should also maintain your brows, nasal hairs and nasty hairs coming out of your ears. Keep your nails short and clean. Finish off the look by wearing decent attire which shows that you mean business.

My regimen takes no longer than 20 minutes per day. When I groom myself I look so much better than men who are better looking than me. Other men start to look up to me and feel comfortable doing business with me. Grooming keeps your skin, hair and teeth looking younger. When you take care of your body you feel a sense of confidence and pride.

Rule 5: Stop Worrying and Start Planning to Look Younger

Stress can sap your energy levels and make you look older than you really are. Aspiring Alpha males DO NOT get stressed out because they have absolute definitive belief in their ability. If shit happens they can focking deal with it. Period. Instead of stressing your head out start look for solutions to your problems. Look for permanent solutions so the problem never rises again. The reason why so many men get stressed out is because they do things half-arsed. These men don’t know their arsehole from their ear hole which is why they always find themselves in a shit hole. Take action today and write down everything that’s crap in your life and then develop a solution. Realise where you want to be and then plan to get there. Do everything professionally and make yourself proud. I repeat MAKE YOURSELF FOCKING PROUD. When you plan effectively you are eliminating all the stress in your life which helps men look younger.

Rule 6: Increase Your Testosterone Levels to Look Younger

Testosterone is the fountain of youth. Regular readers of this blog are probably sick and tired of hearing about testosterone. I refuse to apologise for this. The reason I keep banging on about testosterone is because it has so many benefits at so many level for men. Testosterone has received a bad name. I’m no conspiracy theorist but I believe that the negative connotations towards testosterone are fuelled from liberalist and feminists who like to keep men down for the apparent oppression of women (F&ck U Kunts).   

Anyway gents, T will make you feel like a teenager again. You’ll start to feel an abundance of positive energy. You’ll get a hard on like you’ve never felt before. You’ll be able to shag a woman 10 times every night. Your confidence will go through the roof and you’ll feel and look younger. Stop all the shit testosterone lowering foods you eat like excessive sugar, fat and soya. Replace these foods with beef, eggs and other whole foods high in testosterone. Work out every major muscle in your body until you pass out. Expose your balls to sunlight or a sunlamp. Demand a testosterone test and supplement from your homo dipshcit doctor.

Another way to boost testosterone is through body building. Check out my Body of a Spartan Review. This was the book that took my shitty body and transformed it into the body I’ve always wanted. This book only costs $20 but in my eyes it is worth $1000! This book comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee for all those pussies who refuse to give it their all.

Rule 7: Learn to Relax to Look Younger

Planning should eliminate all stress however aspiring alpha males should practice intensive relaxation to optimise the body. Intensive relaxation is relaxing the body and mind to reach a sense of clarity. I learned how to do this in a prison cell. You need to loosen your muscles and empty your mind so you can regain focus on things that are most important. This exercise will help to purge all the crap from the mind and prioritise the important items. Worn out men always carry useless thoughts which ultimately slow down their progress. Who gives a shit what happened 10 years ago? You should be over it. GO and sit in a quiet place for 20 minutes and let all the crap flow out and let all the clarity flow back in. This will also help you sleep better at night.

Rule 8: Optimise Your Body to Look Younger

The body to function properly at optimised levels requires a long list of vitamins and minerals I can’t bother to list. Stress, work, environment and lifestyle can deplete all these vitamins and minerals. If you’ve got a shit diet this problem is compounded further. As an aspiring Alpha Male you should take care of your body. It is imperative you invest in a one supplement that has every mineral and vitamin the body needs to work at optimised level. It annoys me when men complain about buying supplements yet are happy to buy shitty beer which costs so much more. The thought process lacks intelligence – I will pay money to harm my body but I won’t pay money to heal my body – what Dickheads. If you want to look younger invest in a quality supplement.

Rule 9: Eat Well to Look Younger

This is another no brainer rule which so many men neglect. Why do we put shit into our mouths when we know it’s harming us? Men who cannot control their impulses to eat and let gluttony get the better of them are heading for downfall. There is so much abuse a body can take before it starts focking with you. Stop now! Stop all fat, stop all the sugar, and stop the smoking and drinking. Replace your shitty diet with a diet that will heal from within. Fruits, vegetables, chlorophyll, beef, organic butter, nuts and occasional shitty foods will help you look younger.

Rule 10: Be Happy to Look Younger

Not a tangible rule but important nevertheless. If we mope around feeling depressed all the time we feel like shit and don’t help ourselves to look younger. Whatever adversity is happening in our life, however shit our past might be we always have tomorrow and we can choose to live like a wanker or we can choose to be happy. Given the choice between depression and happiness I know which one I would take. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and stop looking in the past. Focus on tomorrow. I say again focus on tomorrow and your life will get better as every day passes. Being happy also makes people feel and look younger.

10 Rules to Look Younger

The secret is out! I wouldn’t really call these rules secrets because they are common sense habits any intelligent man can practice. Decide today if you want to look like a miserable old bastard or whether you want to look like a young energetic man who gets things done. Seriously it is your decision. Decide Now. Practicing these rules every day will make every successive day better. Print out these rules or make rules of your own to help you progress in life. Don’t look back in 20 years time with regret because you didn’t these rules because you’ll feel like a moron. Start Living or Start Dying, the choice is yours.


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  1. says

    Very entertaining post, useful too. I can certainly relate to the first rule. Sleep has helped me to look so much younger compared to my peers. I usually have about 9 to 10 hours sleep on weekdays and 10 to 11 hours on weekend. Always feel refreshed and stress free.

    • says

      Too much sleep can detrimental too. I try to sleep 8 hours everyday and I’m just doing fine..

  2. says

    Hey Adam,
    This is quality and applicable information. It’s all true with the 10 steps you offer. If you knot ice, Larry Scott looked fourty at sixty five years of age. Your info, all true.

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