Personal Achievement – 10 Rules to Get Ahead Quickly in Life

10 Rules For Personal Achievement – 1700 Words of Advice – 10 Rules – Get Successful Quicker

Every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to get ahead in life. Some men experience phenomenal personal achievement yet others experience mediocrity. The mindset plays an important part of personal achievement but there’s more to it. Two men with identical positive mindsets can experience varying levels of personal achievement. The reason for this difference is STRATEGY. Someone who has a positive mindset could work hard all his life and still not get ahead because they’ve failed to strategise effectively. Other men could effortlessly get what they want because they’ve spent time strategising.

Personal Achievement

Personal Achievement

Having a strategy is as important as planning. You need to constantly ask questions such as how do I get ahead quickly, what can I do today to make tomorrow better? What can I do today to achieve my goals quicker? Men who combine a winning mindset with exceptional planning and strategy will almost definitely get ahead in life. Whenever I have a personal goal in mind I begin to strategise immediately. I do not want to spend hours and hours to get ahead. I want to get ahead effortlessly.

These habits have helped me to achieved incredible amounts of personal achievement including money, property, wealth and women. These habits have been condensed into 10 rules which will help you to get ahead in life quickly. These rules are my personal rules which I am giving away for free. Read these rules, learn these rules, make amendments to the rules and then practice them every day until you start seeing personal achievement. I guarantee that whatever you want to achieve in life these strategic rules will help you achieve it using half the time and effort.

10 Rules for Personal Achievement

Rule 1: Define Your Goal Exactly

Personal achievement will come quicker when you know exactly what you want. The reason most ignorant men don’t achieve their goals in life is because they fail to properly define their personal goals. If you tell your mind you want to get rich its harder to achieve the vague goal. When you give your brain an exact goal such as “I want to get rich by investing in property” the mind has something tangible to work with. If you know what you want in life define it exactly and then read your goal every damn day.

Rule 2: Become an Expert

Personal achievement is quick when you become an expert in the field you want to progress in. Suppose you want to make money investing in property, the quickest way to do this is by investing time and energy becoming an expert in the property market. Most men fail the first hurdle because they have limited knowledge in their field. These pathetic beta males think that they know it all. It only takes one wrong decision to halt or reverse their progress. Any man can become an expert in the field he wants to progress in. One of my goals in life is to become a professional blogger with an audience of 10,000 or more. To do this I must become an expert at blogging. I must know how to build a site, how to create quality content, how to promote my blog. When you reach a higher level of expertise you start seeing personal achievement easily.

Rule 3: Secure a Mentor for Personal Achievement

Other people have achieved what you want in life. The quickest way to achieve your personal goals is to find other people who have already achieved your personal goals. Most deluded men who think they are invincible are wasting their time doing everything on their own. While personal achievement might be magnanimous you are wasting a lot of time.

Mentors will help you to achieve your personal goals quicker because they can guide you in the right direction. Mentors can help you avoid the pitfalls and show you all the shortcuts they’ve developed over time to get what they want quicker. Take a practical approach. After you’ve stated your personal goal try networking with 10 other successful people who have achieved your goal. Reach out to these people and ask them for guidance. The ongoing advice you get from these mentors will help you get ahead quicker. When I first started online I was finding it hard to make $100 per month. After networking with several mentors I was able to make $3000 per month with less effort – You do the maths.

Rule 4: Use Other People Effectively for Personal Achievement

Personal achievement comes quicker when you use other people to do your work. Suppose you’ve calculated that it’s going to take 1000 hours to achieve your personal goal. Instead of doing everything yourself you could hire beta men who are willing to be in your employ. Outsource all the shitty tasks and then just concentrate on the tasks where you can get the greatest return. When I was building this blog I employed a consultant, designer and implementation expert. I could have spend 100 hours doing everything myself. Instead I chose to outsource all of the tasks so I could concentrate on creating quality content. During the design, implementation and consultancy period I learnt so much that I can now create professional blogs myself in about 5 hours. By getting people to help me I fast tracked my progress and became an expert in the process.

Rule 5: Strive for Excellence for Personal Achievement

Personal achievement becomes effortless when you strive for excellence at every opportunity. Most men don’t have a clue when it comes to excellence. These mediocre men love doing things half arsed so they can spend their time in the bar smoking and drinking while reflecting on how good their life was and how bad it is now. Western men have lost their ability to be proud of their accomplishment which is why they feel shit all the time. To break the habit men need to strive for excellence in everything that they do. If you’re writing content make it the best damn content possible. If you’re developing property make it the best property possible. When your building a blog aim for excellence and make it the best blog in the world.

Rule 6: Calculate Rate of Return for Personal Achievement

Personal achievement is easily obtained when you focus your energy and resources towards the highest returning tasks. Suppose you need to complete 100 tasks in order for personal achievement. After analysing the tasks you identify 20 tasks which will offer you the highest return. You should concentrate 100% of your energy and resources to complete these tasks and achieve excellence because this is where the most progress is made. Men with winning mindsets fail to get ahead because they channel their energy towards low return tasks. This means they will have to do more than men who focus their energy on high return tasks. Take action now and evaluate what you are doing to achieve your personal goal. Find out if you’re really focusing your energy in the right place where return is high.

Rule 7: Spend Your Time Effectively

There are 24 hours in a day. You spend 8 hours sleeping and you have 16 hours at your disposal. During these 16 hours you will find that there are times you are super productive and there are times when your productivity falls off. Personally I can get twice as much done between 6am and 12am compared to 9am and 3pm. I can get less done during 12 pm and 6pm. My mind and body are at their sharpest during 6am and 12am. I use this time to complete all the high return tasks that will get me closer to my goal. After 12pm I use the time to check the progress of other people who are contributing to my success. After 3pm I recharge my batteries and evaluate how my day has gone.

By using my time effectively I am doing 3 days worth of tasks in one day just by understanding my body. Men who wake up late and spend 20 minutes on their goals and the rest of their day on Facebook are losers. These men are destined for failure and won’t amount to anything. You should take action now and understand when your productivity is at peak levels so you can get through your tasks effectively.

Rule 9: Take Nootropics for Faster Personal Achievement

Consider smart drugs if your hell bent on achieving your goals faster. Smart drugs also known as Nootropics are used to treat diseases such as narcolepsy. These drugs help people who fall asleep all the time to keep wide awake. Taking these drugs will keep you alert and awake for about 12 hours. Personally when I have a project which I want to fast track I take these pills. I use Modafinil at 6am and then get through all my tasks without loss of energy or concentration. By taking the supplements early the effect wears off before I go to sleep. These supplements are amazing and have helped me on occasions to complete 5 days work in 1 day. Most men are shit scared of these supplements because they’re afraid they won’t have anything to do as they have no purpose is life. It’s similar to a man taking Viagra when he hasn’t got access to a woman. Take the plunge next time you’ve got a major project and see the difference these smart supplements make.

Rule 10: Look for Permanent Solutions to Problems

Personal achievement is halted when you’ve got a lot of problems to contend with. Men who have a lot of problems cannot get ahead in life because they’re wasting time and resources fixing these problems. These fickle men only look to treat the symptoms of the problem and are too shit scared to go to the root of the problem. After treating these symptoms the problems exacerbates and you’re left with a bigger problem. Take positive action by sorting out problems at their root and find permanent solutions. When you fix all your shitty recurring problems in one go your life becomes simpler which means you can focus 100% of your energy towards your personal achievement.

10 Rules for Personal Achievement

I guarantee that these 10 rues for personal achievement will help you hit your goals faster. Start today. Pussy men start tomorrow. Realise your purpose in life, realise what makes you happy and then pursue the goals that will lead to your ultimate personal achievement. Practice these rules every day after you’ve learned them. Make your own rules to get ahead quickly in life. Replace the shitty habits with productive habits and watch your life improve every day. 


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    To earn more online you need to have a strong voice on the internet, you need to solve peoples problems, you need to offer the best help possible. When you start making an impact on other people’s lives positively you start making money.

    I have a lot of content on the internet. A few niche sites.

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