Positive Energy – 10 Rules to Release Positivity in Your Life

Positive Energy

Positive Energy – 10 Rules to Release Positive Energy – 2217 Words to Beat Negativity Out of You 

There was a time when I allowed negative energy to get the better of me and it damn nearly destroyed me. Negativity can come from many different sources such as shitty job, blood sucking partner, unplanned setbacks and adversity. When negative energy starts to creep in you need to kick it out quickly to prevent yourself from going down a destructive path. The best way to banish negative energy is by overwhelming the body and mind with positive energy. Positive energy removes all the negativity in your life and builds motivation, ambition, pride and other positive characteristics within the aspiring Alpha Male. 

I like living my life using rules and I’ve developed 10 rules to release positivity in my life. Whenever I get into a slump or whenever I feel like negativity is getting the better of me I practice all the habits. These rules instantly remove all the shit from my head so I can look forward to life. If you’re feeling like crap all the time and have a low expectation of you need to live your life with rules that promote positive energy. Think how great you would feel if you were positive in your outlook and had a real purpose and desire in life. 

Rule 1: Focus on Success for Positive Energy 

When men always focus on their failures they are destined to become failures. By allowing the mind to focus on something you get better at it. When you focus on all the failures in your life your mind becomes better at becoming a failure.  

Fuck what happened previously and focus your mind on the future. Look forward optimistically and stop looking at the rear view mirror all the time because that shit was in the past. Learn from all the mistakes you made. Put rules in place to avoid these losses and start looking forward.  

Rule 2: Be Optimistic About the Future 

Our mind releases positive energy when we have something to look forward to. The reason why so many men have low expectations of life is because they have nothing to look forward to. These men are living the scripts other men have written for them which is why they feel like shit all the time. These men also put other people’s happiness ahead of theirs which is why they feel depressed all the time.  

Get out of this damn rut by having a purpose and goal in life. Reflect to find out what you want in life and then set it as a goal. Make this purpose the center of your life as it will contribute to your happiness. When the mind has something positive to work on and look forward to you begin to release more positive energy. 

Rule 3: Remove Toxic Relationships and Release Positive Energy 

I’ve spoken about toxic relationships in other posts and always mention it because it is the largest contributing factor to negativity. Negative people always try to put other people down. They do their best to lower positive people to their level of mediocrity so they can share their negativity together. Whenever I’m in the presence of negativity I tell the person to fuck off out of my life. I reduce the time I spend with these people or give them an ultimatum – either stop being a negative moron or get out of my life. After removing negative people from your life you will feel an instant lift and you’ll begin to look forward in life as you have no one to hold you back. 

Rule 4: Know What You Want 

The reason you’re in a dead-end no-prospect job hauling shit and taking orders from other people is because you don’t know what you want in life. Basically your living the live others want you to live. You are a pawn being played with all because you’re expendable. Your expendability comes from not designing your own life. You can attempt to become the master of your own destiny if you stop for a moment and think.  

Think what you want in life and how you want to live it. Years ago I was working in a retail store hauling manure from the warehouse into the store. My life was shit and it was going down the toilet fast. I decided enough was enough and wrote down exactly what I wanted in life which was to become financially free. Several years later I have achieved what I set out to achieve and released an abundance of positive energy on the way. Gentlemen you need to know exactly what you want in life, this will help you to release tremendous amounts of positive energy. 

Rule 5: Develop Your Mental Strength 

Alpha Males who have a strong mind refuse to accept negativity in their life even when everything is falling apart. These minds are always generating positive thoughts and positive energy from within. Lost $10,000 in an investment? Learn from it and move on. Partner on your case? Dump the bitch and move on. Work sucks? Punch your boss and find another job.  

The mental strength of an Alpha is so tough that no amount of adversity gives rise to negative energy. These Alpha males only have positive energy from thinking positive all the time and looking forward to life. However shit your life might be today there’s always tomorrow to make things better. 

Rule 6: Celebrate Success 

When you’re successful at something you need to celebrate it. A fantastic way of releasing positive energy is to celebrate success. Most men hide their successes to show humility but dwell on their mistakes, this is why they continually harbour negative energy. When you’ve hit a target or goal congratulate yourself and share your successes with others to inspire them. Sharing successes with successful people allows you to bounce positive energy off of each other. 

Rule 7: Network with Positive People 

When you hang out with positive people your outlook on life becomes positive. I feel sorry for men who hang around bars with negative losers. These men are flushing their lives down the toilet and exposing themselves to eternal misery. As an aspiring Alpha Male you should strive to network with people who have a high expectation of life. These people give off tremendous amounts of free positive energy which you can feed on to fuel your endeavours in life. 

Rule 8: Reward Yourself for Positive Energy 

Give yourself a reward whenever you achieve something because you deserve it. Men who reward other people for their work are actually shooting themselves in the foot. They are telling their minds that every time they strive someone else wins. This self sabotaging thought process stops the mind from striving. Whenever I achieve something worthwhile I reward myself accordingly. Hit 1000 views per day on the blog? Reward yourself with some clothes. Got 1000 subscribers? Reward yourself with a motorbike. You generate positive energy every time you give yourself a reward and encourage the mind to work harder so you can be rewarded more often. 

Rule 9: Have Pride in What You Do 

The pride you feel when you accomplish something meaningful releases tremendous levels of positive energy. The reason why many men feel like shit every day after work is because they do not have any pride to show. These men are just cogs in a machine not knowing what purpose they really serve. Always take pride in your fucking work.  

Every time I put a post on Alpha Male Makeover I strive to make it the best. I strive to make it entertaining yet useful while offering insights into the striving Alpha Mind. If I don’t feel pride in my work I rework it until I feel like I accomplished something meaningful. This sense of accomplishments releases positive energy which helps me to continue posting everyday on my blog. 

Rule 10: Control Your Thoughts 

Controlling thoughts is an effective method you can use to reduce negative energy while unleashing positive energy. Watch the way you think, watch how you respond to outside stimuli. Do you respond in a positive constructive way or do you respond in a pathetic negative way. If you’ve got a shit outlook on life you’ll respond negatively. Every time you respond negatively give yourself a mental slap and rewire your mind through positive affirmation. Be fucking disciplined for 30 Days and make sure you give yourself a hard mental slap to overcome negative cuntish thoughts.  

Suppose you see a young guy driving a Ferrari. If you say to yourself “He must be a drug dealer” then you’re a negative cunt! Instead give yourself a mental slap and replace the thought with positive a positive affirmation such as “What an accomplishment, he’s only 20 yet he’s driving a Ferrari, I want to be like that one day, I’ll go over and speak to him how”.  

Positive affirmation releases positive energy which opens doors that you thought could never exist. Suppose after taking with the young guy in the Ferrari you discover a piece of information that brings success into your life, this would not be possible by being a negative cunt. 

The Rules of Positive Energy 

By practising these 10 rules I have completely banished negativity from my life. Whenever I feel negativity creep in I use these 10 rules to overwhelm and drown myself in positivity. Negativity doesn’t have a fucking chance against me. If you feel like a wanker all the time then develop some rules that cultivate and encourage positive energy in your life. Life is so much better when you’re positive. With all things equal you can either be a miserable negative twat or a positive can-do action taken. The latter has a better chance of clawing himself out of any shit hole compared to the former. Practice these rules today and see if it makes a difference to your existence. I have 5 bonus rules to remove more negativity in your life. These are more common sense rules that aspiring Alpha Males often forget. 

Bonus Rule 11: Hit the Gym for Positive Energy 

When you’re a lazy twat you feel like miserable all the time because you’ve got no blood flowing inside you. Your systems stuck and you feel like crap all the time. If men would invest just 30 minutes per day exercising they would feel so much better and the world would be a stronger place. Take action today! Get off your ARSE and hit the gym or do some fucking exercise at home. Get the blood flowing to every part of your body especially your mind. The endorphin rush that you receive will banish negative energy and replace it with positive energy. Do this every day and negativity will be a distant memory. 

Bonus Rule 12: Groom Yourself 

If you look like shit you feel like shit and then you become shit. Look in the mirror and don’t be afraid. If you look like an ass’s arsehole stop worrying, all you need to do is groom yourself. Give yourself a shave and haircut. Clear your skin and teeth. Exercise to remove the excess fat and invest in some new clothes to show the new you. However ugly you might be men can always groom themselves to look instantly better and release massive positive energy in the process. 

Bonus Rule 13: Eat Better 

Sometimes it astonishes me to see what men will put in their mouths. All that fat and sugar and refined crap takes its toll on the body making it slower and inefficient. Detoxify your body through fasting and replace your shit diet with a manly diet of grass fed beef, eggs, butter, vegetables and fruits and whole foods. The benefits of eating better are more concerted energy and positive energy; this is because your body does not have to deal with digesting shit food. 

Bonus Rule 14: Increase Testosterone Levels 

If you’re a regular reader then you’re probably getting frustrated with the regular occurrence of Testosterone. I refuse to apologise because this is important. Get a Testosterone Test to see how low your levels are. Think about it, if you have low T levels you’ll feel like a homo all the time and accept all the feminist crap the world has to offer. Instead find ways to increase T levels. Replace your diet with a T inducing diet. Expose your genitals sunlight as this increases T levels by up to 200%. Stop eating shit like Soya and ask for testosterone replacement therapy if you’re severely low. Testosterone replacement therapy won’t shrink you balls like the homos and feminists make out. If you take controlled doses it will make you feel like a 16 year old again and your energy levels will go through the roof. 

Bonus Rule 15: Don’t Watch or Listen to Negative Material 

When you watch depressing crap like CSI and listen to shitty blues music the mind fuels itself with negative energy. If you listen to uplifting music and positive motivation material or movies that encourage character development you release positive energy. If you’ve got a DVD collection of negative movies and music then sell it and replace it with positive material. Just watching negative crap day in and day out will make your mind feel like crap. Once you replace the DVD’s with movies of character and uplifting music your mind will releases an abundance of positive energy. 

It’s That Fucking Easy Gents! 

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