Positive Mindset – 10 Rules for Alphas when Developing a Winning Mindset

Positive Mindset

10 Rules to Develop a Positive Mindset – 2006 Words of Advice – 10 rules – No BS

Winning depends on a variety factors the most important being the actual fucking mindset. When men have a positive mindset they are preparing themselves to win. When men have a weak mindset they’ve lost even before they’ve damn well started. What’s more frustrating is when most men lose they blame other people. These lowly men put their pathetic failure down to luck – what cuntish morons. Luck has nothing to do with winning. Your life will turn around once you develop a positive mindset where nothing is more important than winning.

You are where you are because of the decisions you made. I refuse to believe anything is down to luck. You did not know what you want in life which is why you played the pawn in other peoples life script. These other people knew what they wanted and used you because you were too weak to grasp your purpose in life. Life might be shit now but there is still time to change and write your own script. Developing a positive mindset will help you to overcome weakness in your mind. Regular readers of this blog will know that I live my life with discipline and rules. The rules that I have used have made me incredible successful in life. The 10 rules which I’ve outlined below should be understood and used if you want to get ahead in life. Make the transformation and break away from mediocrity. Practice these habits through rules for 24 day and watch how your life ascends.

For Full Benefits: To take full benefits from this 2000 word post you need to read the entire content. If you’re not prepared to read everything I suggest you fuck off. At the end I’ll be recommending some resources to change your mind so make sure you pay attention.  

10 Rules for a Positive Mindset

Rule 1: I Will Win Develops Positive Mindset

I will either win or die trying. There is nothing in between for alpha males who have a positive mindset. There is no “I might”, there is no “I Hope”, there is no “I wish”. I have a firm definitive statement in my mind which states I will Fucking win. There is no other option other than death. Pathetic weak minded men hope and wish only to be disappointed time and time again. Take charge of your shitty life and know what you focking want. Make repeated affirmations in your mind that you will win giving it no other option. When you mind starts to believe there is no other way it finds creative and logical ways to win. The mind uses all of its resources to get you ever closer to your goals. The mind does not stop because it has no other option. Whenever you set your sights on a goal always realise in your mind that you will win or die trying.

Affirmation: I Will Win OR I Will Die

Rule 2: When We Fall Down We Get Up

The man who has a weak mind underestimates failure. He is so full of shit believing he can win without developing talent. When he loses it hurts and he never does anything that might risk his position. Men with positive mindset prepare themselves for losses but avoid it at all costs. These men learn from their mistakes or other peoples mistakes. They understand that there is an outside chance that they might lose but they are mentally prepared get back up again and fight for what is theirs. When you tell your mind that you’ll get back up when you fall you remove all the stress and anxiety the mind was experiencing. You can then focus on your goal and allocate 100% of the brains positive energy to achieve success.

Affirmation: I Will Avoid Falling Down But If I DO I Will Get Back Up Stronger

Rule 3: I Will Achieve Excellence to Develop a Positive Mindset

Most western men are experts at doing things half arsed. These ludicrous men love to model themselves from characters from the Simpsons. These pathetic men have no pride in their accomplishments and are subconsciously telling their mind to relax. When the mind begins to relax it gets lazy and that is when life becomes shit. To develop a positive mindset you need to strive for excellence. Being a pro from the get go is not enough. You need to strive for Obsessive Motherfuckin Excellence. Whenever I do something I look for the best example of what I want to do. I then try to make my effort infinitely better. This continual strive for excellence ensures that I will be the best at whatever I do.

Affirmation: In Everything That I DO, I Will Strive for EXCELLENCE

Rule 4: I Will Embrace Knowledge

We are required to think at higher levels to find solutions to the problems we created with our current level of thinking. This is so obvious. When men get in trouble they use their existing knowledge to find a way out. When they can’t get out they give up thinking there is no solution to their problems. If these dumb men were to embrace knowledge they would be able to think at higher levels and find solutions to their problems. 99% of all problems have a definite solution. You need to embrace knowledge to find that solution. You need to yearn for the knowledge. You need to constantly look for that piece of information which might make the ABSOLUTE difference in your life. This is something you should enjoy doing as opposed to making it a chore. Commitment to lifelong learning while embracing knowledge will help you overcome and achieve pretty much anything in life.

Affirmation: I Will Learn New Knowledge to Help Me Achieve all My Present and Future Goals

Rule 5: Asking for Help to Develop a Positive Mindset

No man is an island. It’s true that Alpha males are lone wolves but they’re also survivors. Mature alpha male understand that there are hundreds if not millions of other people who have what they want. These Alpha males also know that the quickest way to get what they want is to ask these people for help. Having a mentor to guide you will help you to avoid pitfalls while revealing shortcuts. If you know exactly what you want in life find 10 other people who have what you want and then network with them. Reach out to these people and ask for advice and guidance. Secure the service of a mentor and then see how fast things can progress in the direction you want.

Affirmation: I AM Not Scared to Ask for Help. I Know There Are People Out There Who Have What I Want and I Must seek Guidance and Wisdom

Rule 6: My Needs Come First

How can you expect to win when your needs come last? Did Usain Bolt become the fastest man in the world by putting the needs of other people first? When you realise what you want in life you must make it number one. If you have a lot of people in your life you must make your goal their goals. You should be writing your script and other people’s scripts. Your happiness should translate into other people’s happiness. Your achievements should spur other people to achieve success. You can either be a miserable bastard unhappy trying to make others happy or you could be a winner inspiring all those around you so they can also develop a positive mindset.

Affirmation: My Needs Come First Because If I Am Truly Happy I Can Make Others around ME INCREDIBLY Happy

Rule 7: Broaden Your Horizon to Develop a Positive Mind

When we have a limited view on what the world has to offer we limit our vision. When we broaden our horizons we see all the possibilities out there and this expands our mind. An expanded mind which has exposure to the greater possibilities begins to believe seemingly impossible achievements might be possible. Expanding the mind also reduces doubt which is the killer of the positive mindset.

Cheap men who refuse to look further than their community are doing themselves and their family a disservice. They are limiting the possibilities and making what might seem achievable impossible. When you see men becoming billionaires your mind expands and you think the following – If these men can become billionaires surely I can become a millionaire if I put my mind to it. Cunts that don’t broaden their horizons will think – I do not want to be poor I’m happy earning $20k per year in a soul destroying office job.

Affirmation: I Will Always Be Aware of What the World Has to Offer to Broaden My Horizons and Make Myself Aware of the Possibilities

Rule 8: Avoid Negative People & Immerse Your Self with Positive People

Regular readers of this blog will know how much I hate negative people even more than wanker feminists. To stand any chance of developing a positive mindset you need to remove negative people from your life. These negative toxic relationships are holding you back. These cunts refuse to progress and enjoy holding you back so you can share the misery with them. You need to tell these people to go away and limit the time you spend with them. Instead immerse yourself with like minded people who want to achieve what you want in life.

Affirmation: I Will Not Tolerate Negativity. I Will Always Be Positive However Shit My Life May Be.

Rule 9: Think Long Term to Develop a Positive Mindset

Rome was not built in a day. Good things take time and patience. You are making probable achievements impossible by limiting the amount of time you have. When you want to achieve something worthwhile and great give yourself time. I want to make this blog one of the best blogs in the world by giving men advice on how to get ahead in life. I know that this will take time and it won’t happen overnight. Rather than getting depressed with slow progress I will continue to post the best advice possible and eventually this blog will take off like a nuclear rocket. Rather than harbouring negativity because of failing the impossible it’s better to be positive slowly achieving the possible.

Affirmation: Great Success and Achievements Take Time – I Will Work on My Goals and Aspirations for as Long as it TAKES Until it is a REALITY

Rule 10: A Burning Desire to Achieve Develops a Positive Mind

How desperate are you for success? How long can you keep the desire burning in your heart and in your mind? Are you seeking success the same way a man would seek air if they were drowning in water? Having a burning desire keeps you going when the going gets tough. Having a burning desire keeps you going when you’re going through hell. Men who don’t have a burning desire to achieve something are wasted souls. These broken men don’t have a purpose and go through life being shitted on. Eventually the only thing they taste is shit (and it begins to taste nice) and condition their minds to lower expectations. As an Alpha you need to constantly imagine the eventual success. You need to imagine how success would feel, how it would taste, how it would make a difference to your life. Protect your dream and develop a positive mind and don’t let any cunt trample on your dreams.

Affirmation: I Want to Achieve MY Goals in Life The Same Way A Man Wants to Breathe Air When He’s Drowning.

10 Rules for a Positive Mindset

I know for a fact that these rules will make an impact on your life the same way they made an impact on MY life. Be practical and print these rules out or make your own rules to develop a positive mindset. When you wake up recite the affirmations. Before you go to bed recite the affirmation. Intertwine these rules as habits in your life. Refer to these rules when you’re feeling like shit. When these rules become natural laws in your life you will become unbreakable. No man will be able to touch you and you will only bow down to GOD and nothing else. These rules will help transform even the cuntish man with the weakest mindset into a winner with a positive mindset. DO YOU DARE TO BE GREAT?

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