Smart Thinking – 10 Rules Alpha Males Use to Think

Smart Thinking

There are men who work hard all their lives YET have nothing to show for it. Unfortunately working hard is no longer enough to get ahead. To get ahead and rise to the top you need to think at higher levels. Most men who practice smart thinking can get ahead quicker with less effort compared to men who just take orders and work hard. Remember that the greatest asset we have is our Ability to Think. Therefore thinking at higher levels enables men to achieve at higher levels. Everyone can develop their smart thinking habits. Like all good habits it takes time but once you start you will see remarkable differences in your life.

It’s painful to watch hard working men taking orders from shit-for-brain supervisors who don’t have a clue what they’re doing. Men who work hard are seen as expendables sent in to clean the shit and then eat it for lunch. They get paid pittance for their efforts because there are hundreds of other foot soldiers ready to take their place. These men begin to value and respect crap jobs. They are prepared to take all the crap just because they refuse to practice the art of smart thinking. Don’t look back in your old age wondering where everything went wrong. Take action today. I was previously part of the dumb ass thinking crew and my life went nowhere, I was eating other people’s shit. I now make more than $10,000 per month online and through my investments and I achieved this remarkable change within a couple of years. I was able to change thanks to two books which changed my life, I will be recommending these books at the end of the post. Make sure you read the entire post to get the full benefits, if you’re not prepared to read the entire post fuck off to the shitty MSN content. 


When I realised that working hard was only part of the solution I quickly taught myself to work smart. My life changed within a matter of months. I was making more money using less time. I was exerting only a fraction of the energy and getting exponentially better results. I have put everything I learned into 10 rules which encourage and develop smart thinking. Regular readers of this blog will know that I like to live my life using rules. This is because these rules have transformed my life. My success has snowballed and it seems only good things happen to me. Try these rules which I am giving away for free and see if you can turn the corner. Don’t be like other pussy men. Take action today and watch how your life changes over the next 3 months.

10 Rules for Smart Thinking

Rule 1: Think Big

Most men put an upper limit to their life because they refuse to think big. These pussy cuntish men are afraid of success because they have no belief in their ability or have pussy discipline levels. Thinking small is playing it safe and it’s similar to taking it up the ass. Thinking small means ensures more victory than losses. Men who want success always think big. Billionaires such as Donald Trump have clawed their way out of hell into abundant success just by thinking big. When you think big you start to use more of the brains power.

Realise all that the world has to offer and then stake your claim. Take practical action today. Don’t limit your thinking. Let your imagination run wild and think of all the possibilities. Realise that other people are living your dream and that everything probable is possible.

Rule 2: Smart Thinking by Beginning with an End in Mind 

The bestseller author Stephen Covey made famous by his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People stated one of his HABITS as “Begin with an end in mind”. This is one of the ways men can think smarter. Whenever you want to achieve something meaningful in life imagine how you want things to be. Know exactly what it is you want so your brain has something definitive to achieve. Don’t just say I want to be fit make a statement such as I want the Greatest Body in the world Has Ever Seen so you have a definitive end goal in mind. 

21st century men don’t have a clue what they want with their lives. These pussies think life peaks when they watch the football match with a can of beer in one hand while masturbating with the other. These men have an extremely low expectancy of life to avoid disappointment. Don’t be like one of these men because they have shit in their brains. Think big and then before you begin start with an exact end in mind. One of my first goals was to earn $10k per month online. I knew exactly what I wanted and thought big. My next goal will be to earn £100k per month online. Nothing is too big if you truly believe in your ability.

Rule 3: Surround Yourself with Smarter People for Smart Thinking

I like to surround myself with extremely intelligent people. I am not afraid of my inadequacies. When you surround yourself with smart people you start to practice smart thinking. You pick up all their smart thinking habits and learn all the tricks and shortcuts to get ahead in life. Most men are afraid to mingle with smart people. They are afraid that their lack of intelligence will be exposed and they will be revealed as a dumb ass mother-fucker. These men run from intelligent men and find peace in a bar full of idiots. Avoid going down this treacherous road. Take action today and severe ties with stupid people and start to associate with smarter people. The amount of useful information you pick up once you make the change will be astounding. This information will help you get ahead quicker with less effort.

Rule 4: Smart Thinking People are always willing to LEARN

When we stop learning we stop growing. Period. Higher level thinking is required to solve the problems and limitation we created with our existing level of thinking. When we start to look for higher level information we begin to find solutions to all our problems. I like to trade in the stock market. A few years back I was losing more money than I was making because my existing level of thinking was not good enough. I decided to learn strategies, money management and psychology at deeper levels. This willingness to learn has now helped me to become extremely successful as an Options Trader. Don’t limit yourself with what you know. Become limitless by embracing the unknown.

Rule 5: Learn to Adapt and Become Flexible

Smart thinking people are more able to adapt to changes. Most men refuse to change their thinking and actions are doomed for failure. These men have a set of habits which have been ingrained into their subconscious minds. These habits which might have been effective in the past become obsolete in an ever changing world. Smart people are aware of change and have learnt to adapt and succeed. The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over expecting a different result. Don’t be one of those dipshit men who work hard all their lives expecting riches when they retire, it WONT Happen, Stop Deluding yourself and wake up. This simply doesn’t happen any more. Take action and adapt your thinking and take charge of your life in an ever changing world.

When I started making money online I used the same old SEO strategies which were outdated. I wrote content which made a lot of money but got slapped by Google when there was an update. I failed to adapt my strategies in line with Google’s vision of the future and was punished with a 70% drop in income. Once I started to adapt my income rose and I seldom experienced the peaks and troughs. Learn to adapt or learn to die slowly.  

Rule 6: 90/10 Rule of Smart Thinking

90% of your success is down to 10% of your actions. Your actions are always determined by your thinking. If you can figure out what the 10% of your actions are which are contributing to your success you can amplify these actions to achieve tremendous success. Arse brained men who have no inclination to think do the same thing over and over. Smart men who determine the actions which are bringing success only have to amplify that action to get ahead in life.

10% of the content I was writing online was generating 90% of the income I was receiving. I used analytics software to find the high income generating content and then improved it comprehensively. I then added more content of the same subject and style. Finding, improving and expanding the content enabled me to more than double my income! This is one powerful rule. Always find the 10% which is making the most leveraged difference.

Rule 7: Smart Thinking through Critical Progressive Thinking

Avoid taking action on the first thought you have. Impulsive thoughts can sometimes be destructive. Take your time to think and let your wisdom, knowledge and experience guide you. By taking your time you will find that you have more options that you thought possible. Think about these options critically. Find the pros and cons for each option. Think progressive thoughts on the best option. Think of ways to make that option efficient, effective and economic. Think of implementing that option in the quickest way possible. Think of implementing the option without wasting too much energy. When you begin to think critically and progressively we make decisions that contribute to our success. We also avoid making wrong decisions.

Rule 8: Congruent With Values Smart Thinking   

We should all have a mission statement in life. Along with a mission statement we should have a set of values and principals we live our lives by. The mission statement, values and principals should be ingrained in our conscious and subconscious mind to avoid conflict. Our smart thinking should always be congruent with our mission, values and principals in life. We should never think about things which do not contribute to our success. We should always think thoughts which contribute to our success. In the past I was in a viscous cycle of self sabotage. My conscious and subconscious mind was conflicted. I was thinking destructive thoughts which were making me go backwards. Once I determined my principals and values and aligned my conscious and subconscious mind I became calmer. I was able to think thoughts which contributed to my dreams and goals. When the conscious and subconscious minds are in agreement and you think progressive thoughts you become unstoppable.

Rule 9: Smart thinking by Planning Every Detail

Smart thinking people plan every detail. They do not leave anything to chance. The success and failure of your actions are determined by your ability to plan. Whenever you set out to do something plan every detail. Spend hours and weeks planning so your progress becomes unimpeded. Anticipate nasty surprises and have contingency plans to overcome these fucking setbacks. Once you become effective at planning success seems to fall into your lap. Men who act without planning will get nowhere in life. These men will fail repeatedly and lower their expectation in life. These men will also start blaming other people for their demise. If only these men took the time to plan they would start to achieve increasing their expectation of life. Be practical and plan every detail and success will always come to you.

Rule 10: Reflective Evaluative Thinking

Smart thinking people reflect all the time. These smart thinkers also evaluate their progress. When you reflect on your action you determine what actions were contributing to your success and what actions were detrimental to your success. When you evaluate your action you see what you did effectively. Reflection and evaluation makes your actions efficient and effective because you’re constantly removing all the shit actions and adjusting your habits. When you do everything efficiently success becomes permanent. Weak men are afraid to reflect and evaluate their actions because it will reveal all their inadequacies. These cuntish men are prepared to live a life of mediocrity eating shit so they can hide their shortcomings. They are afraid of finding a nasty habit in their personality. These men are afraid of any remedial actions that they might have to take to change their ways. These men are dicks. Take action today and reflect and evaluate everything you do. Tremendous success will come by just becoming more reflective and evaluative.

10 Rules for Smart Thinking

You now have no excuse to only work hard. These smart thinking rules have changed my life which becomes sweeter as every day passes. Shit will happen all the time but I know that with these rules I will survive and thrive. Practice these rules today. Read these rules. Learn these rules. Blend these rules into your habits. Act on these rules. When you breathe and practice these rules you’ll start to see success in life. You can either continue what you’re doing so you Fail/Succeed-Slowly or you can succeed at lightening fast speed. The choice is yours.

Final Thoughts: I was shit at thinking which is why my life was crap previously. I only changed my ways after reading two books which completely ruined my life. You will not find any other crap recommended here other than two books which helped me to become incredibly successful. These books are Body of a Spartan and 30 Days of Discipline. Listen up and buy BOTH these books because they will change your life. These books will give you confidence so you start believing in your fucking self and the discipline to get what you want from life. These two books transformed my life which is why you’ll see them plastered everywhere and I don’t apologise for that. TAKE ACTION NOW and see how your life changes. If You’re a pussy and can’t handle the change these books come with a 60 day money back guarantee so you can get your measly money back. Gents if you want change TAKE ACTION and embrace the contents of these books and your life will improve at meteoric levels.  

Body of a Spartan Review

New 30 Days of Discipline Review




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    Nice to see the content on Alpha Male Makeover up again. I completely agree with the very first statement that you made “There are men who work hard all their lives YET have nothing to show for it. Unfortunately working hard is no longer enough to get ahead. To get ahead and rise to the top you need to think at higher levels.”

    This could not be further from the truth. In order to make things better for YOU and others, make your content work for YOU. I’m currently working on that. I think that also falls in line with the 90/10 rule you mentioned. You can do a given amount of the work and maximize your results and rewards.

    Thanks for this!


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